Launch in 2019, Dominion Global is a worldwide company where innovative ideas are built to provide solutions to society’s existing problems. From retail e-commerce to jobs portals, we create native apps for iOS and Android for various purposes. In just a few years, our team has built various applications, platforms, or websites using the latest web technologies and fast frameworks to ensure we are building the best applications and websites.

Our company is committed to creating online businesses that will serve individuals and corporation making sure that we exceed the result of consumers’ problems. Going beyond imagination and thinking outside the box are our core DNA.

With our in-house dedicated team, we brainstorm, plan, and execute the best result for every work we made. Our team of Software Engineers, Designers, and Marketing are making sure that websites and apps are running smoothly. And services and products are delivered to the right consumers. We are currently based in London-UK, Dubai, UAE, and Pakistan.

Dominion Global is a sole proprietorship that give birth to new applications, websites, and digital resources, to serve many corporate and individual needs of this generation. We design, develop, and run applications and website that help many users in difference category of industries.

Now and then we come up with new ideas with a unique approach that solves users problems from e-commerce (retail), recruitment, food and delivery services. We started with Les Femmes, an e-commerce buy and sell luxury and also allows small business to expand their sales. We also have TheWorkGenies, a job portal site for employees and jobseekers.

Our approach in making website and applications is different from other. Once we come up with a uniqe ideas to start with, we plan, design and develop along the run with our creative team, marketing, and developers. We added a unique approach with every app and websites to make sure this serves users successfully. These innovative solutions are not limited to any specific geographical location but they will serve people globally.

We can see ourselves creating more projects that are unique, fast, and reliable. Currently, we are working on a food and ride sharing app name “Gola”. Where ride sharing app will be running in Pakistan and food app will be running in the UAE. Though, there many delivery and food app this days, we establish to upgrade our approach on planning and making this apps more efficient and effective that other previous app consumers used today.

At the heart of Dominion is the aspiration to combine strong talent with spirit, to creatively build a profitable and impactful business, that creates immense value to all our users.

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