How to Sell your Pre-loved Luxury Items and Earn Money?

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Are you to ready declutter your closet? Looking for a convenient and a faster way to sell your stuff?

Did you know that there is an app called Les Femmes, where you can sell your pre-loved luxury items easily in the UAE. It’s easy to sign up and upload your pre-loved clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, and kid’s items. You are not only earning money but promoting sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion has been widely known in the UAE and around the world. More and more people are choosing clothes that are pre-loved, secondhand, or sustainable. It’s way cheaper and helps the environment.

Here are some quick easy ways to sell your designer items in the UAE.

Sell it on Les Femmes App

Les Femmes is an online buy and sell platform designed for women in the UAE who want to sell their pre-loved luxury fashion. It is also a social platform where you can create groups and events to share your thoughts or ideas. It is easy to use and convenient for busy women but still wants to earn something from their stuff. Whether you want to sell your items or just socialize with people, this app is for you.

Price your designer handbag for resale

Ideally, you want to price your luxury items competitively so you can get cash in hand as quickly as possible when it comes to determining the price of the item you want to resale. It’s important to understand how much money you can potentially expect to earn. Do some research to see what luxury items in the same condition as yours are online. This is a good way to determine a starting point to sell your item. Pricing your designer item competitively will also contribute to how quickly you are able to sell it.

Plan your title and put a description

When you put a title to your item, make sure to include the brand, color, and size in the title. Make a complete detail about the item in the descriptions including receipt (if there is), dust bag, and authenticity card of your designer item. Be very creative in your product description.

Upload nice and quality photos

Take photos of your luxury items with nice background. You can take photos of your stuff with a white background or to make it more creative, you can place some other things in the background. Do not upload blurred photos, it is important to upload high-quality photos because this will help you potentially sell your items. And share different angles of the item you are uploading.

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